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Full guitar setup includes aesthetic enhancements, neck adjustment, action, intonation, pickup tuning, string change, etc. designed to player's preference. A proper guitar setup ensures that the instrument plays exactly to your specifications and always in tune, across the entire neck. Your personal specifications are considered paramount and will surely impact the final outcome.

Repairs are handled on an as-needed basis. If you don't need it, we don't charge you for it! Contact us here and tell us how we can help you fix it!


- Cleaning/Physical Refinement
- Check neck angle, bolt-on pocket alignment, truss rod relief
- String change
- Bridge / action / intonation adjustment
- Adjust pickup height / frequency output
- Final intonation check / play test instrument

Many players prefer to enhance their weapons of choice with upgraded features. AEP offers many customization options:
  - Pickups
- Tuning Machine Heads
- Bridge/Tailpiece Hardware
- Tremolos
- Pickup Configuration/Electronic Wiring
- Much More...

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