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The Audio Ecstasy Productions workflow involves a hybrid approach, utilizing the best of analog and digital technologies.

Are you finally ready  to lay it down?! We would love to accommodate you through the various stages of the recording process. From pre-production demos to final tracks and mixing, our state-of-the-art system can handle anything. 

We are also happy to offer assistant and second engineering services to any project.

*MASTERING:  Mastering is an invaluable part of the recording process. The science of mastering is something that certain engineers dedicate themselves to exclusively. Our mixes are created specifically with the expectation that you will take the file to a mastering house for further enhancement of the project.

If you have no intentions of mastering we can discuss ways to accomodate your project without paying another house an extra fee. 

If your songs are already tracked and you just need a mix done, get in touch with us and we'll make it happen! We would be happy to send you a reel of various tracks we've mixed, or you can go to the discography section of this site.

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