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Rook's Empire "Rook's Empire" - Producer/Engineer/Lead Guitars
"So Deadly" - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer/Mastering/Vox/Guitars
I'm the Monster "The Armoury" - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer
Fastlane "Closer" - Assistant Producer/Engineer/Vox/Guitars
Hotel "Self-Titled" EP - Assistant Engineer
Fastlane "Let's Hope This Happens" - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer/Vox/Guitars
Fastlane "Twilight Blue" - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer/Vox/Guitars

Johnny Locke - "Promises and Lies" - Mix Engineer/Mastering
Port St. Willow
- "Stay Even" - Mix Engineer/Mastering
Banned From the Zoo
"Turn on Me" - Mix Engineer/Mastering
Banned From the Zoo
"Fish Tacos" - Mix Engineer/Mastering
Banned From the Zoo
"Blackout Betty" - Mix Engineer/Mastering
All Hands Lost
"Ambitions" - Mix Engineer/Mastering
We Fell From the Sky
"Not You" - Mix Engineer/Mastering
John McKay "Daisy, Daisy" - Mix Engineer/Mastering
Blue Lit Moon "Dad's Glad" - Mix Engineer/Mastering
How to Kill a Conversation "Location Location" - Mix Engineer
Fastlane "Live-in Skin" - Assistant Producer/Assistant Engineer
Bryant "Wishing..." - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer

Stereo mixes presented in 24 bit, 44.1kHz or 48kHz WAV format.
All songs property of artist.

Johnny Locke - "Promises and Lies"
Fastlane - "In the End"

Fastlane - "So Deadly"
Fastlane - "The Best Nights"
John McKay - "Daisy Daisy"

Banned From the Zoo - "Fish Tacos"

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