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- Will you write an article on a topic I suggest?

Absolutely! Send the topic our way and we'll see what we can do!

- What do you mean by "guitar tech" services?

Guitar tech means anything! From simple setups to world tours, we do it all. Repairs, customizations, modifications, wiring, you name it!

- Where are you physically located?

We are located in Los Angeles, CA and we offer field services locally all over California.

- Is artwork included in custom shop orders?

Artwork is not included on custom shop orders or standard orders at this time, and is an extra fee. It is up to our discretion whether or not to include it.

- What is True Bypass?

True bypass is a means of switching, effectively taking the circuit out of the signal path when bypassed. This contributes to a cleaner bypassed signal, and can remove the issue of "tone suck".

- Can I slightly customize one of your stock pedals?

Yes, we do offer mods to our stock pedals, but it depends on what the mod is. Nothing is out of reach, so ask away!

- Can I get my band featured on the site?

We are always glad to help up-and-coming bands! Send us an email with some info and a link and we'll get back to you.

- What is Royalty Classic Records?

- What are your DAW file delivery specs?

We can work with anything. Make sure to print any effects you would like to have on the tracks. We require all tracks to be in .WAV format, and we can take entire Reaper and Pro Tools sessions (not just the bounces). All tracks should be clearly labeled, and bit depth/sample rate should be noted.

- Why don't you offer a standard return policy?

Mostly, because people are evil and intent to rip off fledgling companies like us. We take great pride in our work, and all products that leave our shop operate at 100% efficiency. Our items are tested thoroughly with diagnostic tools and under the load of a live rig.

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