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4/15/2014 We have some very cool custom shop projects coming!

4/7/2014 LoudLife Media is born! PR and Social Media for bands, media figures, and businesses!

Happy New Year! We have a big one planned...

Happy Thanksgiving! New article, Best Budget Electric Guitars is live.

Essential Amplifiers Pt. 1 on Ultimate-Guitar!

Essential Amplifiers Pt. 1 - Metal and Hard Rock

Creative Ways to Use Effects Pedals on Ultimate-Guitar!

Things have been quiet, but we have some big interviews coming!

Tips for Recording Electric Guitars on Ultimate-Guitar!

8/31/12 Ask about our Student Musician Discounts!

Audio Ecstasy Productions, based out of Los Angeles, offers a number of audio, engineering, and technology services locally in southern California and remotely worldwide.

Our specialties include guitar/backline tech, audio engineering, custom gear, and IT services. Let's rock!

Best Budget Electric Guitars
Creative Ways to Use Guitar Effects Pedals Essential Amps: Rock
Tips for Better Mixes
Simple Ways to Improve Guitar Tone Types of Compressors
Tips for Touring Bands

aep articles at ultimate guitar
audio ecstasy ultimate-guitar ultimate guitar link
- Guitar/Backline Tech
- Recording Engineering
- Custom Cabling
- Instrument Repair
- Customizations
- Consultations
- Computer IT (PC & Mac)
- DAW Builds
- Web Design
- Graphic Manipulation
- Troubleshooting
- More...

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