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This site is intended not only to display our services, but as another pro audio resource. There are some great links on the internet, so we're trying to pay it forward. All content is property of the respective owner(s).

Gearslutz: Simply put, the best pro audio forum. Whatever you need to know is in there.
The Gear Page: Awesome guitar forum.
Reaper: My choice DAW. Very lively community.
KVR Audio: Great resource for plugins

Tweakheadz: This writer definitely knows what they're talking about. Great info.
Slipperman's Guide to Recording Distorted Guitar: AMAZING! Read it.Pro Sound Web
Pro Audio Files
Pro Sound Blog: love this guy's writing

Online Stores

GuitarFetish: Great selection of guitar gear, AND they make stellar pickups.
Guitar Electronics: More great products, wiring diagrams, and more!

General Guitar Gadgets: GREAT resource for guitar pedal builds, and general electronics schematics
DIY Stompboxes: more great DIY stompbox and circuitry information
Geofex: More amazing pedal info
AMZ Guitar FX Projects: Great schemata!
AMZ Guitar FX Blog:
DIY Guitarist: Great stuff for all things DIY guitar!
New Sensor: Quality parts, switches, enclosures, vaccuum tubes, much more!
Free Stompboxes: Another great DIY stompboxes forum.
Audio Pages: More DIY articles
Home-Wrecker: Sister site of Runoff Groove, great articles and schematics!
Runoff Groove: DIY, articles, schematics, and more.
Tonepad: Prefab kits, more DIY.

Indie on the Move: Terrific list of venues and touring resources.
Lo-Cal Music:

: I write articles for them. GREAT tabs! There is some great info to be found
Uber Pro Audio: Outlines gear rigs for famous musicians, mostly guitarists and bassists. Some drummers.  Fantastic resource.
GuitarGeek: They let the site gather dust and will randomly update it every 5 years. What information that's there is great though
Jamtracks: This is a great site that offers backing tracks to solo over. A great assortment of meters and styles.
Premier Guitar: Great magazine!

This is a list of articles I've found around the web that really enlighten and inform on all aspects of music. Descriptions beside each link.

Creating Realistic Drum Parts via Samples: Tips and information on making drum parts assembled with the variety of sample programs available more realistic.
Avoiding Intersample Peaks: Inter sample peaks and how they relate to master clipping in your finished mixes.
Issues with 0dBfs: A great read on how the levels of your mixes translate to different playback systems.
Black Viper: This guy is the Yoda of digital audio recording. Read every letter in his site and then commit it to life. He is a master.


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